‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season of joy, yet some of us are struggling with terribly difficult circumstances that threaten to leave us

The New View Over My Shoulder

I suppose I didn’t realize the title of my book, Over My Shoulder, would continue to hold so many new

Doctors Who Dream

I never wanted to need to meet these doctors. But, their investments in my life story have helped to build

Filling Buckets and Building Castles

I sometimes feel dizzy, spinning around, filling buckets every moment of every day. Going into week eight of staying home

Toil with Thanksgiving

As a four-year-old in preschool, our third daughter, Bentley, already believed she could “pass” over the parts of life she

Blinding Flurries

White is one of my favorite colors. I find it funny that I can love white so much, yet not

No Free Passes

Bentley was in preschool, as a four-year-old, when the PE teacher led her class out to the turf to play

Every Complaint Holds the Option for Gratitude

“Quit complaining!” I am curious to know how many times I’ve said those words throughout my eleven years of parenting.

Scarred Treasures

We spend hours combing the shorelines searching for them. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. We gather them

Enjoying the Sweet Spot

Our kids were in Vacation Bible School a few weeks ago, so I decided to enjoy a break from catching

Taking the ‘Dis’ Out of Disability

I should have known better than choosing the black pants and white blouse. I should not have chosen to sit

Heroic Parenting

A hero, by definition, is someone known for accomplishing a brave or noble act. “Heroes are born every day. Some

Just the Six of Us

We were trading “you guys” for “y’all”. Mountains for beaches. Long winters for humid summers. Familiarity for the unknown. We

Launched Across the World

Venezuela. Czech Republic. Peru. Mexico. Canada. Japan. Several of the United States. And those are only the ones I’ve been

Regular Teenage Heroism

“I saw a spirit of heroism rise up from what appeared to be regular teenagers in the Columbine library, students

Columbine Anniversary

20 years. Crosses with pictures of those lost. Tears. I’ve lived with this ‘new normal’ longer than I lived with

The Gift I Didn’t Want to Need

I’m a gift-lover. I certainly never mind receiving one, but I find so much joy in carefully wrapping a thoughtfully

The Unfairness of it All

The timing of the hard questions never feels right; the ones about blindness or being different. While I strive to

The Cracked Table

Five years ago, I was on the hunt for a white farmhouse table to use as our everyday table in

It is finally here!

I struggled to believe this day would finally arrive…Over My Shoulder is finally available! The past four and a half


Last night, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. to the sound of my cell phone alerting me of an email.

The ‘Box’ and the Introvert

I was recently reminded by Facebook about a picture of our daughter, Logan, spending time in her ‘box’. The throwback

Big Realities

A couple of days ago, one of our daughter’s best friends noticed the scars on my shoulder and front of

Twelve Cents

Breakfast was on the table. Eggs, muffins and bananas. I had woken up early to go running while the kids

Your Story Matters

Life stories matter. They matter a lot. I’ve been privileged to the front row seat of many storytelling sessions. For


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