Past Events

Indianapolis, IN
Indiana Donor Network Summit, Breakout speaker

Bloomington, MN
2017 Donate Life Symposium

Las Vegas, NV
Nevada Donor Network Remembrance Ceremony, Keynote

Cleveland, OH
Legacy of Life Luncheon, Keynote

Las Vegas, NV
2016 Donate Life America Annual Meeting

Denver CO
Donor Alliance Family Tribute

Des Moines, IA
Funeral Home Symposium

Scottsdale, AZ
Donor Network of Arizona Symposium

Des Moines, IA
First Responders Symposium

Denver, CO
Limb Preservation Foundation, Keynote

Keystone, CO
AATB Annual Conference, Tissue Recipient

Blacksburg, VA
Follow-up Meeting for victims, staff and students

Pasadena, CA
Donate Life Float Ceremony, Rose Parade